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FAQ / Questions, Comments & Suggestions
Yuletide Spirit
lies_d wrote in yuletide_squee
Here's a short list of questions that may come up.

1. Only comments for the current year's Yuletide stories count. The story must be part of the official Yuletide or Yuletide Madness collections!

2. Yes, you can comment on stocking stuffers (Yuletide Madness stories) if they are over 1000 words long

3. Although Kudos are lovely, they do not count as a comment (by all means do give kudos if you're so moved).

4. Comments over 200 words are eligible for the 'Love Letter' draw, and they also count as a regular comment.
Example: If a commenter writes 30 regular comments and one love letter comment, their total comment count is 31 - they will have one entry in both the 'Door Prize' and 'Love Letter' draws.

5. Please keep your Love Letters grouped together either at the beginning or the end of your comment list.

6. No concrit please. Some people love it, some people don't, so for now we're just going to leave off on the concrit.

Also, feel free to post any questions, concerns, or suggestions you have here.

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Yay - I'm so pleased you like the contest.

You don't need to sign up beforehand! All you need to do it submit (post or email) your comment URL list before the end of January 4th (any comments made between Dec 25th and the reveal can be on your list). Further instructions on how to do that are here:

Happy yuletiding!

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