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Comment Contest Prizes!
Yuletide Spirit
lies_d wrote in yuletide_squee
I'm pleased to announce that the following artists have agreed to offer their services to the Yuletide Squee Commenting Contest!

Along with glory and adulation, the top three commenters win an art request that will be filled by one of these talented artists. Prizewinners can ask for anything they want (within reason - further details below). There are no fandom limitations!

The first place winner of the comment contest will get their first choice of artist. Second place will get second choice, followed by third place, and then the Door Prize winner and Love Letter draw winner.


Deviantart Account


Winners can expect a coloured, full-body character drawing with a textured background. This can be fanart, an original character, a portrait, or just about anything. The only limitation being no R+ or explicit requests.

Examples of Sirothello's work:

Into the Flames by Sirothello By the Way by Sirothello Have It All

Hungry Spider

Fanart on Tumblr

Fanart on Deviantart

Previous Commissions

Will deliver a high resolution digital image: a pencil sketch, a digital drawing, or a quick ink drawing. Either one full body character with flat digital colours, or a bust portrait with digitally shaded colours

No ratings limitations have been designated as of yet - the prizewinner will have to check with the artist when they make their request.

Examples of Hungry Spider's work:

Shifter by Hungry Spider Sideshow by Hungry Spider Data by Hungry Spider

Ginger Haze

Art tag on Tumbr

Hailing from the Avengers and LOTR fandoms, Gingerhaze specializes in comedic cartoons, and she's offered to draw a coloured one or two character drawing sans background. No nudity! (unless by special request you'd like to see a banana for a penis)

Examples of Gingerhaze's work:

Girls Night Out by Gingerhaze I do what I want by Gingerhaze Butts by Gingerhaze

Kreugan aka Fornax

On Deviantart

Fanart on Tumblr

Previous Commissions and Gifts

Fornax has offered to draw a fine-quality coloured sketch. Either fanart or an original character requests are accepted, so long as good visual references are provided. No NC-17 requests please!

*note* Fornax will be traveling from January 10-25, so this prize might not be ready until after that. If the winner can communicate a clear idea of what they want right away, it *might* be done before the 10th.

Examples of Fornax's work:

Genderbent Avengers Disney Loki by Fornax Sketches 2 by Kruegan


Deviantart Gallery

Daizel specializes in lovely manga-style character drawings with patterned backgrounds. She has offered a full-body colour drawing of an original or fanart character, though she will not take NC17 requests or draw furries.

Examples of Daizel's work:

Reve by Daizel Nnnnnnn by Daizel ohmailgawd by Daizel


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