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Comment List Tutorial
Yuletide Spirit
lies_d wrote in yuletide_squee
Wondering how the heck you're supposed to enter this contest?

You have to make a comment list and post it to this community!

(or, alternatively, you can email it in)

Okay, so here you are at the end of an awesome Yuletide story. Now what?

Step 1: Post a comment!

Step 1:  Post a comment!

Step 2. Copy the webpage URL

Step 2: Copy the webpage URL where your comment was posted

Step 3: Open Word, Wordpad, or Wordperfect (or whatever kind of word program you use)

Step 3: Open Word, Wordpad, Wordperfect, or whatever text program you like to use.

Step 4: Paste the URL

Step 4: Copy the URL into your word doc.

Step 5: Repeat. Keep a list of all of your comments.

Step 5: Repeat.  Keep a list of all your comments.

Step 6: When you're done, copy your list.

Step 6:  When you're done commenting, copy your entire list.

Step 7: Paste the list into a comment on the Comment Scores thread. OR If your list is very long, you can also email it to: lies_dee (at) yahoo (dot) ca

Step 7:  Paste your list into a comment on the Comment Scores thread.

Voila! ALSO, make sure you include your A03 account name somewhere in your post (or your email).

Voila!  Please remember to include your A03 name!

(Old screencap is old - including your A03 name at the top of your comment would be fine.)

Note: Please make sure to keep your Love Letters (comments over 200 words) in a separate group at the beginning or the end of your list.

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Can I just say I was EXTREMELY DELIGHTED to see you using screencaps of one of the fics I received for Yuletide last year? ZIGGY AND OMAR YESSSSSSSS LEAVE ALL THE COMMENTS AND LOVE ON THAT FIC.

By which I mean, yes, what a cool idea! GO COMMENTERS GO. Spread the love.

Heh, lucky you to have been gifted with such an awesome fic. I was looking for something I hadn't commented on yet, and that one was a great find.

Glad you like the contest! Hopefully it'll inspire people to be generous with the love this year. :)

I've been wondering, do we need to put our entire list in one comment, or could we leave a thread of comments with our list for that day (love letters still separated within them) instead?

I don't have internet at home so my chances to get online are pretty sporadic, and I'd hate to miss out on posting my list because I think I'll have a chance or two more to add a few more stories to it only to end up too worn out after work to stop at the library.

You may indeed post your list in more than one comment! Just try to post additional URLs as a comment to your original list, so they're easier to keep track of.

question - I'm squinting at your caps there, and it looks like the format of the comment URL might have changed?
(As it doesn't seem like the URL points to one's specific comment anymore, but rather to all comments for the fic)

Is that still okay, or am I being dim and not on the right page?


Yes, that link is okay! You can link to just the comment (by following the 'thread' link on your comment), or you can link to everyone's comments - either is fine. :)

ah, I see - and I did figure out that if you grab the URL immediately after clicking the comment button (as per your instructions, I need to L2Read :p) the URL is just as you show it.

Okay, I'm a doofus that went on a comment spree *before* I was really aware of the comment contest. I can see my history, but not the actual URL of my comments, because they're posted. Is putting the story URL "proof" enough?

Yep! That's fine - as long as it's possible to scroll down and see your comment, it will count. :)

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