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And the Winners Are!
Yuletide Squee
lies_d wrote in yuletide_squee
1st Place: donutsweeper

2nd Place: princess_lirin

3rd Place: alley_skywalker

Door Prize: Ambyr (who emailed in her comments)

Love Letter Draw: trovia


All prizewinners, please check out the Prize Artists and email in your list of preferred artists (from most preferred to least). Once all artists are assigned, you will be put in contact with them to negotiate your prize drawing.

The email address to send that list to is: lies_dee (at) yahoo (dot) ca

Thanks everyone for participating and helping to make this an amazing Yuletide!

Door Prize Winner
Door Prize Winner!
Love Letter Winner
Love Letter Winner!

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Hurray! :D

Cool. I usually never win anything. :)

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