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Inaugural Post
Yuletide Spirit
lies_d wrote in yuletide_squee
Yes, it's that time of year again!

Yuletide Treasure is coming!


The latest news from Yuletide Admin is that nominations are on the horizon, with signups following shortly after that.

This will be the second year that Yuletide Treasure is being hosted here on Archive of Our Own. Previously, the admins were able to post a scoreboard listing of the fans who made the most comments on stories in the Yuletide archive. Regular Yuletiders received adulation and applause, while non-Yuletide writers got a chance to add prompts to the New Year's Resolutions list.

Through the YULETIDE SQUEE COMMENT CONTEST, this community aims to promote comment writing for Yuletide writers and non-Yuletider writers alike. Because feedback is a wonderful thing, and now you'll be able to win prizes for giving it!


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