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Yuletide Squee Comment Contest
Yuletide Spirit
lies_d wrote in yuletide_squee
PRIZES, in the form of commissioned art and/or fanfiction, will be awarded to the TOP THREE commenters on Yuletide Treasure stories.


- A Door Prize draw for anyone who writes at least 10 comments.

- A 'Love Letter' Prize draw especially for fans who write comments that are over 200 words long. Each love letter gives the writer of that comment a chance to enter. For example, if a commenter writes 5 love letters, their name will be entered into the 'Love Letter' draw 5 times.

To enter, you must post a COMMENT LIST - that is, a list of all the comments you've made up until the Author Reveal on January 1st.

That's right, you have from Dec. 25th until Jan. 1st to comment as much as possible!

TO MAKE YOUR COMMENT LIST, you will have to cut and paste the URL address of every comment you make into a document like Word, then post that list to the COMMENT CONTEST POST. Sadly there is no other way to aggregate user comments yet on A03.

For further instructions on how to do this, a COMMENT LIST TUTORIAL will be posted soon.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Post them to the QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS POST.



1. Comments have to be more than 10 words long. Short comments and kudos are valuable, but this contest is to encourage comments that communicate more information to the author about what parts of the story work best - to give them the sense that someone has read and appreciated the work they've put into specific aspects of their story.

2. No generic comments like 'good job, keep up the great work'. You must mention at least one reason why you liked the story.

Lol! What a funny story! Your dialogue was really clever.

This is the minimum of what counts as a comment. Please be generous and mention anything you thought was good about the story. See the AWESOME COMMENTING POST for tips on how to be an awesome commenter!

3. Quoted text doesn't count towards the comment word count.

And then they kissed so passionately Harry's socks flew right off.

Great line!

This comment will count as a two-word comment - it's ineligible towards your comment count.

4. Two comments on different stories that are exactly word-for-word the same will count as one comment. In other words, please don't cut and paste the same comment onto different stories. Mods will be checking every comment made by the top commenters, so they will notice if that's the case.

5. You must list a URL for the comment to count. Mods will have to check every comment, so they won't have time to track down your comment by story and author.

6. You must be signed into A03 when you make your comment in order for the comment to count - the mods need to see your name attached to it.

7. Participation is open to anyone with an A03 account - yes, even non-Yuletide participants!

See the FAQ for anything that's not covered here.

Happy reading, writing, and commenting, everyone!


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